About Me

Oliver Gaywood writer


I am Oliver. I like to call myself a writer, and I write profiles in first person because it¬†sounds nice. As if¬†I’m talking to you.

My life as a writer began in my teens. A friend showed me that I could not only get into football matches for free, but someone would pay me to watch them if I gave them a quick summary of what happened afterwards. These words ended up in some of the biggest national papers in the UK, although I doubt many people were interested in the goings on of a semi-professional club in the north of Scotland.

From there I went on to study journalism at university, before moving into online journalism and digital marketing. My main passion has shifted from sport to travel, and again I’ve found that people are happy to give me¬†actual money in exchange for a few hundred words. This has enabled me to see much of the world, and in the past few years I’ve been to a few dozen countries. A lot of that time was spent in Thailand, which you’ll see is a focus of a few of the feature articles on here.

I’ve recently been inspired by a friend (Richard Mark Adams)¬†to turn my¬†mind and my fingers to short stories. I have a decent grasp of grammar and I’ve read plenty, so it seemed a logical¬†step.¬†After more than a few entries that got nowhere, I won a small writing competition for my short story The One That Got Away. This was followed soon after by being shortlisted for a flash fiction piece, 18.

I am not an artist. The illustrations on this site were created by others, and I often paid them more than I was given for the article they’ve illustrated. Many, like the piece¬†adorning this page,¬†are the work of the very talented Ikas Alvians.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please e-mail me on/at/through hello@olivergaywood.com.